Disneyland, Anyone?

Summer is almost here, and this is my last official project for my 2d design class. Recently, I won an honorable mention at an art show for my zentangle project.  All of my other 2d Design projects were also shown at the show, and they were received really well! I’ve learned a lot this year about drawing and painting.

Without futher ado, this final piece will be…an advertisement? It sounds strange at first, but many artists are hired to design advertisements for companies. This project was a way for me to learn a lot more about advertising and the design process. Before starting on the artwork, my class did a lot of research on different advertising techniques and how there are unique approaches to video and static ads. Ads that are videos have a lot more time to convince the viewer to buy the product or service offered. They can include more information, and there are more opportunities for advertising techniques to be used. Static ads can only include so much information while still using advertising techniques.

I took a trip to Disneyland earlier this year, along with my Boba Fett tsum tsum, as shown here. I love Disneyland, and it is one of my favorite places to vacation to, so I knew that I wanted to advertise trips to Disneyland. In the Disney parks, you often see people wearing hats with mickey ears on them. These hats can have themes or symbolize Disney characters. Since the hats are such an iconic feature of the parks, I wanted to include them in my advertisement. I also decided to use the technique of repetition to catch the eye, so I designed rows of different mickey-eared hats that are sold at the parks. At the bottom, I wrote, “Disneyland: a place for everyone”. I learned that different demographics play into designing an advertisement, and I wanted my target audience to be all ages and races, so I included specific hats that represented different interests.

Rough Draft

IMG_3520[1]IMG_3533[1]IMG_3625[1]I started by measuring out where I wanted at the hats to be on the poster. Then I drew in some generic mickey-ear hats, and I drew in the “Disneyland”. Once I had finished that, I used some reference images and added details to the hats so that were actually hats that are sold at Disneyland. It was surprisingly tricky to find good pictures of the individual hats.

Inking and Coloring

IMG_3630[1]IMG_3633[1]IMG_3634[1]IMG_3635[1]This was the best part of the project: the coloring! For this piece, I was given the option to use copic markers, which I happily took.  Unfortunately, I discovered that copic are a bit difficult to work with, and I had to start my final draft over. After a quick trip to the art store for a new piece of paper, some additional markers and a white paint pen, and many hours of work, this is the result.

In order, from top to bottom left to right, the hats are: 1) classic Disneyland hat with Mickey mouse’s face 2) Minnie mouse 3) Cinderella 4) R2-D2 from Star Wars 5) Winnie the Pooh 6) Spider man 7) generic pirate hat 8) generic princess hat 9) Buzz Lightyear 10) 2017 Graduate hat 11) Lightning McQueen and 12) Jack Skellington.

I had a lot of fun working on this project, and I think it could pass for an acceptable advertisement. Not only does it make you want to visit Disneyland, it also makes you want to buy a mouse-eared hat! I will still be posting during the summer even though this year’s 2d design class is over, though maybe not as often. I hope you’ve found this project interesting, and thank you for reading!


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