Coloring with Copic: Lightning it up!

Hello World! This is a personal project I’ve been working on for a little while, and my first artwork created using alcohol-based markers. Alcohol based markers are really helpful for blending colors together and put a professional-looking finish on drawings. The alcohol in the markers makes sure that they don’t get “tainted, or mixed up with other colors and then ruined. If you’ve ever tried to go over a black line with a yellow permanent marker, then you’ll understand how useful it is to have markers that blend but don’t get ruined. I used the Copic brand of alcohol-based markers, and they made the piece look great.

Now that I’ve explained alcohol-based markers, I’ll explain the project. After watching a lot of action movies and TV-shows, I felt inspired to create my own superhero/super-villain character. I wanted to step outside my comfort zone a little bit, so I tried to use a more angular style when drawing. I wanted my super-being to be simple but stylish, without a cape. I started drawing, and eventually  I realized I wanted to create a lightning-themed superhero/villain. I gave my person a cool belt with a lightning symbol on it, and jagged edges on the shirt, gloves and boots. Since I wanted the design to be pretty simple, I didn’t want to add too many pouches or zippers, but I did add a couple vials of lightning on the belt. The way I pictured those was that you could throw them, like grenades, and then lightning would explode everywhere. The funny thing about coming up with this character was that I actually thought of an idea for the eyes before I thought of drawing the actual superhero/villain. I thought it would be cool if the eyelashes were shaped like lightning bolts. I thought of the half-mask face paint later.  The last detail I drew was the actual lightning. This was the hardest part because I wanted to make the rays coming out of the hands pretty simple and jagged, but not too cartoon-ish. I searched for reference images on the web and then used the ideas I found to create the finished drawing.

Once I finished the actually drawing, I transferred it to some x-press it blending card for the final draft. The reason I used this particular type of paper is because it was designed especially for copic (or other alcohol based markers). On regular paper, copic bleeds through and can ruin multiple pages of a sketchbook. It also doesn’t blend very well. Blending card is very smooth and thick, so it’s great for copic. You can also use bristol paper, which you can buy in sketchbooks. After transferring, I used some black Faber Castell pens to ink the drawing. Then it was copic time! As you can see from the image, I made most of the super-lady’s costume green and white, with touches of red in the belt and hair for contrast. I also used some light blue to make the lightning pop.


Overall, I love this project. I think it turned out great, and using the alcohol-based markers created a higher quality of the artwork. The only thing this woman needs is a name. I wanted to pick a name that was clever and involved some aspect of lightning. I was thinking about electricity, lightning and electrolytes (those things in energy drinks and batteries), and I came up with a fantastic name, a name to put all other lightning superheros to shame: Elektra Light. Ok, admittedly, electrolytes don’t have much to do with lightning, but it was a creative name, and it alluded to electricity and lightning.

Anyway, that’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed this character design. Before you go, one final question: Is this woman a superhero or a super-villain? Or both? Comment below to tell be what you think. See you next time,

Elektra out.


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