Non-objective color project

This is that color project I mention awhile ago, for my 2d drawing and painting class. For this project, we had to pick a small picture from a magazine that was mostly unrecognizable as a whole object, but also had a good use of color. I picked a red-orange plant. And no, I have no idea what type of plant it is. A lot of people in the class used fancy prismacolor colored pencils, which work great, especially for blending. However, I did fine using a set of 12 good old crayola pencils.We were not allowed to use the colors black and brown, so I had to blend complimentary pairs to get darker colors. Like the contour project, I am going to go through this process day by day, and explain it along the way.

Day 1

On the left side is the image I picked. I had to cut out a little 2-inch diameter circle, and then create a grid over my image. On my rough draft, I drew a 10-inch diameter circle and blew the image up five times. Most of this day was spent choosing my image.

Day 2img_24821

On the second day, I finished my rough draft of the image. You can see that I used the grid on the image to create a grid on my rough draft, and then based my drawing off of that. This drawing went a lot faster than the one one the contour project, mostly because there wasn’t as much detail.

Day 3


Sorry about the direction of the picture. On day 3, I used a light box to transfer my drawing from the rough draft onto nice paper for my final draft. It pretty much looks the same as the rough draft, just without the grid lines.

Day 4


Here, I practiced coloring a couple of different shapes from the picture, and also using complimentary colors (i.e. green and red & orange and blue) to make darker shades, as well as browns and blacks.

Day 5img_24951

I finally started coloring the project in! Yay! I did two of the shapes that I had practiced earlier, because I had a basic feel for how to shade those two. One thing that I didn’t mention earlier was that you can use a white colored pencil to blend colors and mix them more thoroughly. I used a lot of that around the edges of the red leaf.

Day 6


Day 6. More coloring. I filled in another leaf and a berry, If that’s a berry. For the little cap on top of the berry, I used red, orange, green and blue to make it look black.

Day 7


Day 7 was also more coloring. I filled in another berry, a leaf, and a couple stems. I actually had a pretty good time shading the stems.

Day 8


On Day, 8, I colored in another leaf, and did a little more work on the rest of the drawing.

Day 9


On Day 9, I’m starting to pick up the pace again. I managed to finish a leaf, a berry, and start on another berry.

Days 10, 11 & 12


Because I realize looking at these pictures one by one has become a little boring, I decided to sum up days 10,11 and 12. Basically I finished coloring in all the leaves, stems and various parts of the plant. It’s looking pretty good.

Days 13 & 14


Did you think we were done? Ha ha. I still had to color in the glorious background of this picture, which was definitely the hardest part of this project. So there it is. Tell me what you think! I really liked this project, especially since I got to use color, and learn more about blending. If you want to know more about color blending, check out the wheel of color.

Have a great day, and if you’re from the UK, happy Guy Fawkes day!


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