This is Halloween

It’s that time of year again. Time for tricking and treating, watching scary movies and eating candy corn. If you haven’t already guessed from title, it’s Halloween! I’ve been very excited about this holiday, so I decided to draw some Halloween-themed (rhyme intended) art.


This is a drawing I did about half a year ago. I had drawn vampires before, but I was influenced a bit by other art on the internet and ended up giving them elaborate costumes that I didn’t like much. Here, I wanted to draw a more classic style of vampire. I envisioned a female teen vampire wearing a little black dress with lace detaining. I drew the black dress with see-through cobweb attachments which I’m actually pretty proud of. I also gave the figure a lined cloak (black on the outside, red on the inside) with a high collar and red finger-less gloves as an extra touch. In the background I added a moon and a trio of bats,  because of the legend of vampires turning into bats. I wanted to give this character a name, so I chose Selene, which means which means “moon”.

I drew this a lot more recently. You can see that it’s a similar color scheme to the picture above (red, black and white are classic colors for vampires). I also wanted this drawing to be more of a classic vampire, like Dracula. This dress mimics men’s attire, but also has strong feminine aspects. The top of the dress and the sleeves look like a vest worn with a shirt underneath, which is common in many fantasy costumes for men. It has a ombre effect that makes it look like the dress is soaked with blood. This vampire has bright orange hair, green eyes, and pale skin. I didn’t make her skin as pale as the first picture because I wanted her to look more appealing than scary.

So that’s what I have. Yes, it’s only vampires, but I may get around to drawing other Halloween objects. If you’re wondering what I am masquerading as for the upcoming holiday, I am going to be a pirate. I’d love to hear what you are dressing up as for Halloween, and if you have any drawing requests, I’d be happy to hear those too. Hope you liked these drawings, and happy haunting!


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