An Ocean of Hair…

Hey everybody! So a little while ago I got sick, and had some time on my hands, so I drew this. As you can see, it’s a girl lying down with her hair splayed out around her. She’s supposed to be lying in a field of flowers, but I got lazy and didn’t color in grass or anything. For this drawing, I wanted to go with a more cartoon/anime style, so I gave the girl a round face with simple features and large cartoon eyes. I really enjoyed doing the hair. It has a few light blue highlights with various darker shades appearing more frequently. I spent more time on the hair then on body, so I didn’t really blend the skin tones as much as I should have. For this drawing, I really just wanted to draw some fun hair, but I gave the girl a gold circlet and nice tunic to make her feel a bit like an elf-princess. I’ve been reading a lot of Throne of Glass lately, And I wanted to make this character look a bit like Nehemia, except with crazy blue hair. Hope you all like this too! 🙂


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