Contour line Project

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a study on contour line for my 2d drawing and painting class. I was assigned an display that I was to observe and draw, and then transfer onto watercolor paper for a final draft. The display I got had a British theme, with a pair of teacups, an antique telephone, a model car and some assorted books. You can see the picture below. I also took a picture at the end of each work day to give you a sense of how the drawing progressed.  Here’s the original display. Because of the angle at which I took the picture, It might look a bit different from what you see in the drawing.


Day 1

Here you can see that I roughed out the drawing.


Day 2

On day 2, you see that I managed to get the telephone done, and re-roughed out everything else.


Day 3

Sorry about the camera angle here. I have to warn you that the rest of the pictures are like this too. Anyway, on day 3 I did the model car behind the telephone, and I also made some changes to the telephone, because someone moved it. After this, stuff got knocked over and moved a lot, but I gave up on redrawing it because it happened so often.


Day 4

Here, I started working on the teacups.


Day 5

On Day 5, I worked on the tea cups some more, and I started the books.


Day 6

Here, I started working on the box, which gave me a lot of trouble, and I added more details to the teacups and the car, as well as starting to draw the glasses.


Day 7

Here is the finished rough draft. I finished the glasses, box, teacups and books, so I got a lot done. I also added a horizon line, if you can see it in the background.



Day 8

On day 8, I started using a lightbox to transfer the drawing onto the nice paper. Here is the rough draft next to the final version, for comparison.


Day 9

Now, I’ve finished penciling in the final draft. You can see the details much better, and most things are drawn lightly, so I can go over them with pen.


Day 10

I’ve  done most of the telephone in pen, with various black pens, to get different line thicknesses. The contour lines are used to show depth and shadow, and different materials.


Day 11

Huzzah! my project is finished. It looks MUCH better than when I started, and the black pen really makes the picture pop. I like how the square on the outside frames the picture.


Overall, I feel happy with my work. I’ve definitely learned something from contour line, but I’m glad to be moving on. Our next project is a study in color! Hope you liked this project, and comment if you have any tips or questions.

Lastly, for anyone who is a Rick Riordan fan, the second Magnus Chase book comes out today. 🙂




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