Just Peachy Oil Pastels

For the next official project from my 2d design class, I got to work with oil pastels. I know I talked about a doing a surrealist piece in my last post, but I still need to take a few more pictures of it so I'll do another post about it after this one. For this... Continue Reading →

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Mustaches On the Mind

So for this project, I learned how to use a new medium which I've never used before: charcoal! This piece was done on gray-toned charcoal paper with white and black charcoal pencils. The nice thing about this was that the tone of the paper already supplied the value for the mid-grays, so I only had... Continue Reading →

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A Chameleon is Zentangled

It's time to embark on a peaceful journey of zentangle and chameleons! Zentangle is the art of creating abstract drawings by creating patterns with a sense of flow and rhythm. It's similar to doodling, but with more attention and deliberation. Doodling is personal, but zentangle is purposeful. It's supposed to generate a zen-like feeling of... Continue Reading →

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Morgan Freeman Masterpiece

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on a pop art portrait of Morgan Freeman. The assignment was to pick a picture of a pop culture figure that had some interest- so that it wasn't just a headshot - and to turn it into a monochromatic painting. I decided to pick Morgan... Continue Reading →

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More Collages!

So not too long ago, I posted about the Speak Loud project, and I mentioned that my class had first done a collage as a warm up exercise for the actual project. I had a really fun time doing my collage, so afterwards, I felt inspired to do another collage, just for fun. I've included... Continue Reading →

Quotes about Homelessness

This is kind of a follow-up to the Speak Loud Project where I talked about homelessness. Here are some quotes about it: "We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty." -Mother Teresa "We have come dangerously close to... Continue Reading →

Pen + Ink Project

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, part of the reason I waited to post this project was because I wanted to wait and post it with another project I worked on, but I have discovered I don't have any pictures of that project, so today I'll just be talking about the Pen... Continue Reading →

Happy Hallows-giving

So I decided to do a Halloween drawing...a few days after Halloween. I have been really swamped with work recently and unfortunately I haven't had much time to do any personal drawing, or post this project. By this time, It's the middle of November, almost time for a completely different holiday, Thanksgiving. I have also... Continue Reading →

Summer 2017

As I suspected, I did not have time to write over the summer, so I've decided to summarize everything I've been working on in the summer and early fall. I had a great time this summer, but it went by so fast! I did a lot of summer homework and volunteering at my local zoo... Continue Reading →

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